The Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference 2023 has three main themes:

– VOIP & Collaboration Tools
– No-code / Low-code Tools
-API Development and Management

The topics within those themes are below.  Please let us know if you are interested in presenting on one of the topics.  We are offering a speaker stipend between $250 and $500 for speakers.  The presentation format consists of 3 slides and the remainder is hands on coding or configuration.   You can look at presentation from pervious conferences by looking at our YouTube channel, which is located here:

Please send us an email at if you are interested in presenting on one of the topics.


VoIP & Collaboration Tools

– Building a Slack plug-in
– Sending notifications via Slack
– Integrating with MSTeams using Direct Routing
– Setting up a WebRTC Server
– Building a call center in minutes


No-Code / Low-Code Tools

– Wire-frame 101
– Picking your No Code / Low-Code Platform
– Selecting a database 
–  Integrating with other applications using Zapier
– Using ChatGPT to generate code (Assigned)


API Development and Management

– Using Postman for managing and automated testing of your API’s (Assigned)
– gRPC vs REST API Services
– Speed up testing using ngrok
– Using Tier 2 Cloud Platforms for testing 
Using AWS Cloud Development Kit to Provision AWS Resources (Assigned)
– Using the ChatGPT API to Streamline the Development Process (Assigned)
– Securing your API (Assigned)