Thank you for being a speaker at Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference 2022.   This page provides all of the information that will help you prepare your presentation during the general conference or for delivering a workshop session.

Presentation Format

  • We have two different presentation formats:
    • 3 Slide and Code Format: We have a 3 slide limit – not including an intro and ending slide and the rest is live coding.  The presentation template can be found hereDo not change the format of the slides.  If you need something special please let us know.
    • Workshop Format (for the workshop sessions on Feb 26): The presentation template can be found here
  • Your live coding example should be contained in a git repo. – Even if you are clicking on buttons in a GUI we want those steps documented in a GIT repo.   We will take your git repo and add it to the conference repo at  We will share this link at the conference.  So, attendees will have one link that will reference all presentations and GIT repo’s.  Here’s an example of what the end repo will look like:
  • Presentations are due February 16, 2022.  Please send the presentation link to

Presentation Run-Thru

  • Dry Run – we will schedule time for you to walk-thru your presentation using our conference platform, which will most likely be Hopin.

Day of Presentation

  • Please show up at least 1 hour before your presentation.  We will send you a link to the backstage portion of the conference.  We will do a final lighting and sound check at that time