Remember Bitcoin…it’s happening again!

Remember when someone told you about Bitcoin and you thought they were crazy.  Well, NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) is another concept that probably makes you think the same thing!

I was one of those people until recently.  I had to step back and look at trends over the years and reflect on ideas and concepts that I thought was fads, but are now mainstream such as Facebook, Napster/Limewire, Digital Coupons (eg. Groupon), etc. 

I looked in the mirror and saw my parents…yikes!   However, I will give my dad credit on the fact that he thought computers were going to be big one day, but besides that he played it rather safe.   In general, I needed to start thinking differently and really take a portion of the money that I plan to invest in conservative investments and start making some non-reckless bets in emerging trends.   For example,   when planning the conference, I decided to mint (aka create) some NFT’s as tickets for the conference.  This allowed me to understand the mechanics behind NFT’s and made it easier for me to believe in and purchase NFT’s.  

I’m saying all this because this year, we are taking on some risks with the type of content we have for the Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference.  We typically have highly technical content where a presenter can only have 3 slides and the rest is all code.  This year, we still have that format, but in addition we added a hands on workshop that will walk a non-technical person through the steps needed to mint (aka create) their first NFT.   We believe that NFT’s gives black creatives a way to build tremendous wealth without having to invest a lot of money and we wanted to help drive this!  Hence, our 4 hour workshop will provide the tools to start selling their assets as NFT’s immediately, which gives them the ability to collect royalties in the future.    

The workshop schedule is located here.  The ticket are $100 and can be purchase from here